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May 4, 2020 | E-Commerce, Web Design Articles

Do You Own A Restaurant In Phuket? Online Ordering Is Taking Over. Are You Ready For It?

At the time of writing during the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdowns, many restaurants in Phuket have opted to offer a delivery service or have tried out some of the numerous Online Food Ordering services available such as Food Panda or Grab. While these lockdowns won’t last forever, it’s still an important time to adapt to the current climate and build a service for your restaurant in the future, so finding the right restaurant web designer is a must. The big questions are Do You Deliver or is there a Pick Up service and is your website set up for online ordering?

It is estimated that online food orders have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.

Using an Online Food third party service may seem like an attractive idea, but ideally you want people to eat your food, not a third party service eating your profits. So let’s delve into why your restaurant should be adding an online ordering option.

Be In Control Of Your Promotions

Having your own online ordering added by your restaurant web designer service means that you are in full control of your promotions and have the option to change them on the fly. You will have the ability to create your own Delivery Only / Collection ideas and give your customers a great deal, and they will also have full access to your online menus.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Any time a customer orders with you, you will be able to collect their contact information and ask them if they’d like to opt in and receive upcoming news from your restaurant. This is a great way to help spread news of future promotions or seasonal offers and build engagement with your customers. Having your restaurant web designer add a loyalty program such as a discount card or loyalty points to this can also help bring repeat business. If a customer gets great tasting food delivered on time and at a reasonable price, they will stay loyal to you and use you again in the future.

Sometimes the contact details alone are worth more than the food order. Recent studies have shown that approximately 70% of consumers say that they prefer to order from a restaurant direct, citing that they would rather their money go straight to their favourite restaurant instead of to a third party delivery service.

Convenience For The Customer

We are all creatures of habit and when we find something we enjoy, we tend to indulge in it again and again. This certainly applies to the restaurant business and is perhaps part of the reason why so many Fast Food places dominate Phuket currently. The one thing that they all have in common is Online Ordering. You will also see a lot of these companies on third party delivery apps with a reduced menu too, but their main drive is to get people ordering through their website. Your customers already come to you because they enjoy your food and without Online Ordering, you are potentially losing them to a competitor.

Set Your Own Prices

Profit is an important part of every single business and with profit margins already stretched, adding in any other factors may turn your profit into a negative. With third party delivery services taking a percentage of the order as a fee, setting their own prices, or even running on a credit system and only paying out on an ‘end of the month’ basis, this can really hit your bottom line. If you have the ability to create your own delivery service, you can eliminate this and generate much needed cash flow each time you receive an order.

Fusion Graphics Phuket has been working as a restaurant web dessigner for over 20 years and are experienced in adding Online Ordering Systems. We can also make alterations to your online menus, add promotions and create a mailing list system to help your restaurant business grow. Find out more by contacting us using the details below.


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