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Apr 23, 2020 | Latest News, Special Offers, Web Design Articles

Fusion Graphics Phuket are now offering a leasing service for your website!


First things first, what is website leasing?

Website leasing is a great way to finance the design and development of your business website. It builds a continuous relationship between your business and our agency. Your website will always remain fresh and up to date, aswell as safe and secure.

Many companies already pay a monthly fee for hosting, email, SEO or other web services, our leasing service rolls everything, including your website itself in to one monthly fee.

Website leasing with our web design agency in Phuket, Thailand allows for easier cashflow management, without large upfront fees, great for new websites and re-builds.

What is the difference from paying upfront for a website?

You still get a high-end custom built website, think of it as the same as leasing or buying a car, you still get exactly the same car you just pay for it in a different way. By paying monthly you spread the cost of your website, but at the same time you get additional benefits. You even have access to your own web design and optimisation specialist team, who will grow your website and maximise website visitors for the duration of the contract term.

Benefits include:
  • Website hosting and email (optional)
  • Security and off-site backups (weekly)
  • Monthly website software updates
  • Website Updates 2 hours per month (e.g. add new pages)
  • Advanced monthly SEO management to increase search rankings
  • Growth-driven account manager to help the website succeed

Remember, all of these additional web services are available outside of leasing as add-ons. If you would prefer to pay upfront then we can add these services on as part of our price quotation, leasing just gives you an easy way to get all the services you need for one simple regular monthly payment.

Website leasing is available for a minimum of 2 years (24 months). After 2 years we can simply keep the arrangement rolling month to month, adjust web services as required or negotiate a new 2 year contract. Longer terms are available if you prefer.

Find out more by contacting us using the details below, or, click the button for more website leasing FAQs, benefits and comparisons versus payment upfront for your website.


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Antony Nutley

Antony Nutley

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Antony has been the driving force at Fusion Graphics for over 20 years, and has a true passion for web design and printed media. Antony’s creative direction is a true asset for businesses of all sizes.

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