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Website leasing is a great way to finance the design and development of your business website. Website leasing builds a continuous relationship between your business and our agency. Web hosting, email, SEO management and more is included, meaning your website will always remain fresh and up to date as well as safe and secure.


Website leasing allows for easier cashflow management without large upfront fees.

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Same Custom Built Website

2 different ways to pay.
Website leasing or payment up front.

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Website leasing compared with upfront payments

See our table below. There are more included services built in to website leasing due to the support system that Fusion Graphics Phuket offer with website leasing. However, the same great support features are available with upfront payments too as add-ons, standard payments are not limited in any way, you just decide what payment option works best for you and your business. 

Is Website Leasing right for me?

Website leasing is fairly unique for custom built websites in Thailand, but is it right for your business, find out here.

Same Great Website

You still get a high-end custom built website, it is the same as leasing or buying a car, it is still the same car. Added benefits such as web hosting, email, backups and more are included at one simple monthly price.

Cost Effective

By paying monthly you spread the cost of your website, but at the same time you get additional benefits which enable your website to adapt and grow.

A Professional Web Team Behind You

Access your own web design and optimisation specialist team who will grow your website and maximise website visitors for the duration of the contract term.

Let us manage and maintain your website with as much or as little input from yourself as you wish, allowing you to focus on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
It depends on your website project. The table above shows a typical business level website comparison. A large e-commerce website may cost more as our setup costs are higher. Contact us for an exact costing for your project.

Are there any upfront payments?
We require 3 months payments upfront followed by a fixed monthly payment for a minimum of 2 years (only commences once your website is live). This secures the deal and enables us to start work on your new website.

What is the minimum contract term?
Website leasing is available for a minimum of 2 years (24 months). After 2 years we can simply keep the arrangement rolling month to month, adjust services as required or negotiate a new 2 year contract. Longer negotiable terms are available.

Who owns the website?
At the end of the lease term the website belongs to you and you are free to do as you wish. You have complete freedom, we hope our commitment and service levels will help to retain you as a client for much longer of course!

I already have a website, can I move it to Fusion Graphics?
Yes, many companies already pay monthly fees for hosting, email, SEO or other web services, our leasing service combines all those services including your new website in to one monthly fee. Dont worry, we will handle the entire migration for you.


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